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Rootz Centrum
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Rootz Centrum, Den Haag
Grote Marktstraat 14
070 363 9988 | e-mail

Rootz Harbour, Scheveningen
Dr. Lelykade 33-37
070 355 8800 | e-mail

Rootz Strand, Scheveningen
Strandweg 4
070 363 9905 | e-mail


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An old coach house in the lively center of The Hague, in an old fish auction at the cozy harbor of Scheveningen and (since May 2016) on the beach at the bustling The Hague Beach Stadium (near the pier) you find Rootz the three branches .

Here you can choose from more than 300 beers from Belgium and the Netherlands and enjoy the delicious meals from our 'Low Countries' kitchen. We use only fresh products from the Netherlands and Belgium.

* Rootz was elected in 2014 to Best Beer Restaurant of the Netherlands *
** Rootz Blonde chosen our hoppy beer house to house best beer in the Netherlands in 2015 **

All sites have a large terrace and several rooms and spaces for parties and celebrations.

Rootz sports on the beach like the other two sites suitable for meetings (at sea), corporate events, staff parties and team building, also be combined with beach sports.

But Rootz has more than food and drink! Of Wednesday / Sunday we provide an active programming. Look at our website and you will understand why Rootz seen for 17 years if the beer, dinner, (Sport) and drink experts from The Hague and Scheveningen.

Lentebierfestival Grote Markt

From april, we have our own Hague beer tasting.
Together with a Rootz bierexpert gets you a tasting of up to 1.5 hours of typical Hague beers.

* Own beer
* Companion
* Eiber
* Haagsche brother
* Brewery Scheveningen

This tasting is also bookable in combination with a cruise through the canals of The Hague provided by the Willemsvaart.

For more information, call 070 3639988

Rootz Winterbier Festival 2016 After Movie

Third location is Rootz Sports Club

Third location is Sports Club
The renewed The Hague Beach Stadium this summer again in the usual place in Scheveningen. New this season is the continuing Beach Sports Park and a brand new sports pavilion including school gym, yoga studio and meeting rooms. If cap opens the Beach Stadium in collaboration with Rootz; SC Rootz, your sports club in hip canteen atmosphere for the sporting beach guest. These developments all fit seamlessly into the new vision of The Hague Beach Stadium.

To facilitate good beach sports, the Beach Stadium is rebuilt. Since this season the stadium has a new sports pavilion, or rather a sports club with the best view of the center court of the stadium and the beach. You train literally between the world champions. You can not only play beach volleyball there, there is something for everyone. Of frisbee to beach soccer and yoga to fitness. In the permanently offered daily over ten sports award winning beach sports by the Ministry of Health with a sports innovation. Material you do not have to carry. Visitors can use professional equipment.

SC Rootz
SC Rootz is open daily from 9 am and will be a meeting place for organizations and people who are sports on the beach. Also, SC Rootz will give Dutch and Belgian specialty beers that we know of them, the menu will offer only fresh products from the Low Countries, all sports events - such as Tour de France, European Football Championships and Wimbledon - to monitor large screens and of course at major national awards are celebrated on a typical Rootz way. "It's been a big dream of mine, a sports bar next to the current 2 Rootz and in the city and the 2nd inner harbor," beams - the owner of Rootz - Roland Meerloo. "Besides the fact that I myself have a lot of sports, it is now wonderful to enjoy after working a delicious special beer. I also found on the beach of Scheveningen room for the rather typical exuberant atmosphere of Rootz. I am for years demanded by our patrons and businesses, as we now finally begin on the beach. "

Rootz will be a smooth spin-off of the two locations on the beach. Meerloo: " 'With a sporty feel, hear sporting prices and speedy service. We have therefore chosen a Rootz Sports Bar in conjunction with a hip canteen / to go atmosphere. You can choose with us or you just want to sit with a good affordable steak or pasta, or quickly for home or work with a delicious sandwich or salad to go. "For families Meerloo sees a lot of opportunities. "With us you going to relax on the beach and can by means of the principle to go lovely with the children in the sand or to eat dinner. At the end of Beach Road to the northern pier next to the stadium is also a large parking lot and is perfect for a quick dining or sport visit to Scheveningen on a beautiful summer weekday.
SC Rootz
Strandweg 4, Scheveningen
070 762 02 76

Café Restaurant Rootz at the Harbour
Dr. Lelykade 33-37, Scheveningen
T 070 355 88 00

Café Restaurant Rootz Center
Grote Marktstraat 14, Den Haag
T 070 363 99 88

Best home-brew of the Netherlands

Rootz has the best home-brew of the Netherlands!
Last week at the Hospitality & Style Awards 2015, the hospitality industry journal Entree Magazine, proclaimed MaMa Kelly as the Best Restaurant / Bar in 2015. The magazine announced by telephone that the Rootz home-brew, Rootz Blond, was unanimously voted best home-brew of all the home-brews in the Netherlands! The jury rated the beer an 8.2. Previously Rootz already received the ‘Best Beer Restaurant of 2014’ award and Rootz is now also the proud owner of the ‘Best home-brew in the Netherlands 2015’ award!

The Best Home-brew
In 2015, all businesses in the Netherlands could register their own home-brew for the annual Entree Magazine ‘Best Home-brew’ contest. On December 7th, the jury tasted and judged all submissions blindly. A heavy, serious task for the five-member panel, consisting of highly experienced and skilled tasters. Theo Flissebaalje (PINT-editor), Henri Reuchlin (Beer Buro, president EBCU), Fiona de Lange (, National Beer Bank), Derek Walsh (Beer +) and culinary journalist Puck Kerkhoven.

When all the final grades were known, a clear winner came out on top: Rootz Blond from of restaurant-café Rootz in The Hague. Last year Rootz became with second with another home-brew (Rootz 070Hops IPA brewed with Kompaan), but this year we got the win! The jury rapport was unanimously, with a final mark of 8.2. Director Patrick van Aller was pleasantly surprised when he heard that his brew won the Best Home-Brew Netherlands in 2015 was: "Are you kidding me? Mega, really, really crazy! "

Rootz Blond
"That's our ‘baby’ won the in the price, feels so damn good" conjures owner Roland Meerloo. 3 years ago Rootz had the idea to brew its own beer. We found in Moorst of a master brewer and brewery Lindeboom a well-regarded brewery. "The rest is history," says director Patrick van Aller. Rootz Blond is next to Heineken the best-selling beer of the 240 beers on the Dutch & Belgian menu.
The jury on Rootz Blond: "Beautiful long aftertaste, nice balance between hops and fruit '(Derek Walsh). "Fruity, exciting, cheerful beer. Most surprisingly exotic hops' (Fiona de Lange). "Pleasant, requires a next sip" (Henri Reuchlin). "It's nice, with sense hopped. Here you can easily order a second glass (Theo Flissebaalje).

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