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Beste Bier restaurant van 2014


Café-restaurant Rootz is the winner of the Bier aan Tafel (beer at the table) Trophy 2014. Every year The Low Countries’ Beer Society awards this prize to the restaurant offering the best food and beer combinations. Roland Meerloo was handed the trophy by herald Olav Blancquaert. In previous years the Belgisch Biercafé Olivier in Utrecht and Restaurant Lieve in Amsterdam won the award.

From the jury report:

Rootz offers a beery experience, where atmosphere, service, the selection of beers and the food go together in perfect harmony. The combinations of beers and dishes always hit the mark. The menu even offers two alternative beer suggestions for every dish – one supplementary, the other contrasting. Rootz is a modern company that has found the perfect formula for eating and drinking.

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Belgian beer culture


Belgian beers are known across the world. Belgium is known for having one of the most refined brewing traditions in the world, preserving a rich history while excelling in diversity.

This brewing tradition is one-of-a-kind in more ways than one. Belgian restaurants approach beer like the French approach wine: usually there is a wide selection and a good waiter will know what beer goes with what dish. Commonly, by virtue of their great variety, a specific beer will be suggested to particularly complement a course.

Dutch Beer culture


The Dutch have been a trading nation for centuries. As a result, Dutch brewers were quick off the mark with their commercial approach. Meeting the needs of the global market, they successfully mastered international styles of beer-making. A downside of this marketing approach may have been a less distinctive character of Dutch beers. This attitude seems to have changed over the last few decades.

Since the eighties, there has been increasing interest in and a growing appreciation for traditional Dutch beers. A great many beer enthusiasts favour typically Dutch beer makes like Kuit, and these days Dutch brewers frequently win international awards. Also, beer culture in the Netherlands is as dynamic as ever, small breweries keep coming up and new beers are continually being put to the test.

Beer suggestions


Rootz is happy to assist you in your beer (and of course wine) choice for each course. Our aim is to help you experience exciting combinations of food and beer.