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We can organize events for your party in cooperation with other companies.
Drinks or dinner can be included. We are happy to advise you on the form and content of your event.
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Since 2009, The Willemsvaart organizes cruises in The Hague and Scheveningen. You can rent the boats for an exclusive group sails , from 6 persons .

There are several tours possible. An "Around New Explanation " including a small route next to the Paleistuin or you can choose the "Inner City Route."
Additionally, you can cruise towards Scheveningen Haven , Drievliet , Madurodam , WestbroekPark or the ZuiderPark.
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Escape room

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Escape room on a table

A team building activity at a table for 10 persons.
Who knows how to decipher the codes first?
Make use of cryptic clues and find step by step closer to deciphering the safe.
Which team can open the safe and comes close to the management of millions of euros.

A good replacement for the murder dinner.
The game goes well with a three-course dinner, but can also be played separately.
The game itself takes about an hour, including an explanation and solution total of one and a half hours.
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Wie is de Mol? - The Official Game

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Play the official "Wie is de Mol?" City game yourself! A completely new 2.0-media production company IDTV and Outing Office. With insane films, famous actors, Who is the Mole tunes, jokers, exemptions and individual test at the end of Who is the Mole. We offer the last chance with colleagues for yourself and friends to play the famous game of NL. A fight in teams against each individual and each other. Nobody seems to trust, not even in your WIDM game!

Uitjesbureau is the only event company in the Netherlands that the name can use "Who is the Mole" and may organize this unique interactive city game with the approval and under the auspices of IDTV for your company and group.

Click here for the movie
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Workshop Drone Flying

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Workshop Drone Flying is the hype that you have to experience with colleagues, friends or family.

Drone flying is the hype of the moment and something you have to do. You see a lot of drones on the streets and various organizations such as police and fire departments are frequently using them. But privately Drone are very popular as well. Create fun videos and pictures from the air and learning to fly like real drone pilot!

What can you expect from a Workshop Drone Flies?
We start with a relaxed reception. After this, the instructions and safety rules are discussed. Teamwork, you learn the basic skills how to fly a drone. If anyone has achieved skill level PRO's go fly a cool obstacle-course: let the games begin!

One by one are you going to compete for points for your team. It is a real struggle. Fly under arches, through inflatable objects, past inflatable poles and land back on the landing spot! Who appears to have the best skills and the drone pilot of the day?
Also you received after outing the images that you made with the drone. Hilarious to look back.
Workshop Drone fly is perfect on the first floor at Rootz Harbour, but is also possible at Rootz in the center.
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Wrong Popquiz

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You know them, those songs which are ‘so wrong, but oh so nice’. The songs with special memories and songs you cannot help to sing along with: the real Guilty Pleasures. Songs that everyone secretly knows, but no one dares to sing out loud. Here we do not agree!
That is why we have collected these numbers in our False Popquiz, so for one evening everyone can unabashedly enjoy them and more important sing out loud.

You will be welcomed by our Wrong Popquiz Quizmaster who will guide you through the different rounds. The group will be devided in teams and you will play against each other. At the end of the evening we know who has the most "wrong music knowledge" and which team can sing and dance the best!

You want to turn the quiz into a Wrong PopQuiz Dinner? That is possible! Between the different rounds we will serve a delicious three-course meal.

The Wrong Popquiz guarantees an evening never to be forgotten.
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Power kiting

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Power kiting is one of the most popular and fastest growing beach sports of the Netherlands. It is an ultimate challenge for everyone who love action, but also if you take it a bit easier to do.
The powerkite clinics are accessible for everyone: young and old, sporty or less sporty.

Pull received after this activity? We catch you like a bite to eat and a drink at 1 of our offices.

Take a look at
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Since 2000 this original teambuilding concept ensures the right mix of ambitious challenge, surprise and (healthy) paranoia.
The GAME best be described as an experience in which reality and fiction walk right through each other.

Adventure full of paranoia

An adventure that begins when the group arrives in the city. In the chaotic city spies professional Team Never Rest your people. Some interactive acts strengthen the uncanny sensation that assured the participants will make their own. Some participants walk backwards above the city.

Why The Game?

The Game can be used as a pleasant outing. But as a team builder, incentive, or partner day an energetic Customer Day! By applying custom, we can make your game extra personal.
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I Love Holland quiz

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Experience the Dutch conviviality

You like Holland? Then our I Love Holland quiz a good team incentive! During this cosy and ‘everybody knows’ quiz go to battle with your friends or colleagues and you will learn your eigenheimers! A cosy evening, very suitable for team building, group outings or corporate events.

What to expect:
You will be welcomed with tea, coffee or softdrinks and then a detailed explanation follows about the game. After that the teams will be formed so that everyone knows with whom he or she will battle for victory. Each team gets its own colorhat from our national colors: red, white, or blue. After an introduction with an authentic Dutch musical banger, the party starts!

The presentation of the Love Holland quiz is in the hands of a Dutch host. He or she guides the teams through a number of rounds: questions, guessing, Dutch spelling and a music round. If you like Holland, then you and your team can prove it!

After an exciting denouement, the award, your whole company joins for a delicious dinner.
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90's Nostalgia game

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Back to the 90s!

Play with your colleagues, family or friends the sweltering 90s Nostalgia game and go back to the time of Flipo's, Friends and Furbies!

In this exciting game full of recognition and memories we take you back to the time when the Internet and mobile phones have only just begun their march. Flippo's and Furbies conquered the world. Half of the Netherlands was massively slash aussie or Cavello and all the teenage girls were in love with Nick from the Backstreet Boys.

In teams go into battle in a mutually Nineties News Quiz, the Wheel of Fortune, a rousing 90s Karaoke Battle and much more! In addition to the exciting game element, this wonderful "trip down memory lane 'also guarantees an evening (or afternoon) of fun, positivity and togetherness. We all come from somewhere else but the 90s connect us.
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Comedy Dinner

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Our masters of humor will be a true attack on your cheeks. You are faced with a roaring Comedy Show where the jokes, one-liners, anecdotes and razor-sharp improvisations, will amaze you.

We start the evening with a delicious three course dinner. After two courses the comedians will take over! Due to their years of experience, our seasoned pranksters can play every audience. They will drown you in a sea of comedy and we can assure you: this has never happened before!

After the Comedy Show we arrived at the last part of the evening, the dessert. This will enable you take a breath and enjoy the afterglow of the Comedy Show.

In short, during our Comedy Dinner at Rootz we have the perfect ingredients to give you a memorable evening! Our Comedy Dinner is ideal as a company outing, staff party or group excursion.

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